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Enter nozzle jet diameters in 32nds of an inch, then press the 'calculate' button to calculate the total nozzle flow area (in square inches).  Please email us at drillingtools@tdaweb.com if you experience problems.  Thanks.

Note:  You may now enter the values in either 32nds of an inch or in thousandths of an inch (like Enderle Fuel injectors).  The answer will be calculated both ways.  Be sure you are using the correct 'answer'!  The top answer will be correct for oilfield bit nozzles entered in 32nds of an inch, the bottom one for Enderle nozzle sizes (i.e. 0.067" diameter would be entered as 67, 0.528" diameter would be entered as 528, etc.)

Description Jet sizes:
32nds of an inch diameter
thousandths of an inch
(Enderle sizes)
Nozzle 1
Nozzle 2
Nozzle 3
Nozzle 4
Nozzle 5
Nozzle 6
Nozzle 7
Nozzle 8
TNFA, sq. in.Calculated



Enter only numeric values (no commas), using decimal points where needed.
Non-numeric values will cause errors.

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